About Me

I am Tegan Murdock, founder of ‘Love Yourself Sister’. I am married with two daughters, I am a proud Aboriginal woman from the Barkindji nation in far west NSW but currently living in Sydney. 

My brand is about empowering woman to embrace their own unique beauty, to help them understand that they are here for a reason, they are to live life to the fullest and not to be caged in. It’s a brand to empower women to look after themselves, to put themselves at the top of the chain and not down the bottom, a brand to remind women that your beauty isn’t defined by anyone else, all you need is within. When we love and look after ourselves then we can give more back to our family and friends.

This brand came to me on the back end of going through some dark times of depression and anxiety. A dark time I fell into because I had a feeling of unworthiness, not feeling good enough for the world, a feeling of constantly people pleasing but not pleasing myself. Being a young mum I had all these judgements and so I put pressure on myself to prove everyone wrong, I done everything on my own. All of this combined made me crash and fall into depression. But now knowing what I know all that stuff was all crap and I let the world around me bring me down, because I was constantly pleasing and trying to be strong when all I needed to do was listen to myself and what I needed.

I wanted to create something that could be a reminder to women and men that we are enough the way we are, we don’t need to fit into any cages, its about embracing your own inner beauty, we need to look after ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically. I wanted shirts so that we could wear it as a reminder for ourselves and so other sisters could see the shirt as a reminder too.

The only way out of my dark time was to get back to me and do the little things that filled my cup, I started exercising, I started getting out into nature I started waking up every morning and doing my hair and makeup regardless if I was going somewhere or not, I just felt better by having that done and lastly I started personal development. Personal development was the ice breaker for it all, that how I took it to the next level of self care – It changed my inner world and helped me realise my true beauty.

Amongst this I learnt that everything happens for a reason and I had to go through depression to make me a wiser person and so I can empower women through that, it taught me that everything is just a story and it doesn’t mean anything, we put our own meaning on everything to fit our conditioning, I learnt that You are the only one in control of your life – no one else. You can let peoples opinions affect you or you can just let them have their opinion and move on because their opinion has nothing to do with you, it is their own fears.

Everything starts and ends with YOU, no one else has control. You are the driver of your life so don’t put your happiness in others hands. The only way out of a dark time is to listen to yourself and take the necessary actions to look after you, to let your beauty shine. To get out into nature, talking with friends or exercising.

You are sacred, you are one of a kind, you are unique, you are beautiful, you are loved, you are worthy, you are way more than ENOUGH! Love who you are and the world will love you back just the way you are, you were born to stand out sister not to fit in!

Much love,

Teegz x